The business model of projects, not just start-ups, is a theoretical framework to help you define its main points.

Identifying the main points helps you focus your resources on the correct tasks, and to communicate efficiently.

In this section, you will be introduced to a tool named the Dojo Canvas, to help you identify your business model.

This card contains


A Good Business Model, for a Good Communication


Please find below an example of the Dojo Canvas for a startup called Lunii.


Must read – To go further into the Dojo Canvas

Dojo Canvas | Benoît Méras | Dojo

The Dojo Canvas tool can be very deep if the situation requires it. Our introduction to the tool is what we call the “Zoom 1”. There are 2 more subdivisions we can go into: zoom 2 & 3.

Must read – Business Model examples

How to Choose the most profitable business model for your startup | Shaqir Hussyin |

The second part of this blog post is well made. The infographics of a few business models help grasp the general concept of the business model.

Bonus book – 53 examples of business models

What is a business model | Auteur |

This article is super long: just cherry pick any part that makes you curious. The 53 examples of business models are a rich source of ideas for your own model.

Bonus book – Solid bases to start any project, not only startups

The Art of Start 2.0 | Guy Kawasaki

One of the all time classic on project creation. It goes way beyond Business Model.

Bonus book – Unconventional advices for succeeding with a startup

Rework | Jason Fried

Great book to start a project. Many counterintuitive ideas. It is made of short parts, that you do not have to read in order. Cherry pick what you need!