The Value Proposition of a project is the value it brings to its targets.

As you will see in this section, it is not that obvious, and is often mistaken with something else.

It is absolutely essential for your communication to identify your Value Proposition, and formulate it efficiently.

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Value Proposition


Must read – Blog post

32 Value Propositions That Are Impossible To Resist | Mary Fernadez |

A lot of Value Proposition examples to go beyond theory.

Must read – Blog post

How to Write a Great Value Proposition | Lindsay Kolowich Cox | HubSpot

3 min read, to the point.

Bonus video – Value Proposition, from the point of view of a serial entrepreneur then investor

Startup Secrets: Value Proposition| Michael Skok | Harvard i-Lab

The beginning of this video goes deep into the needs of your customers/users. Well worth a watch.


In this exercise we will go through the steps explained in the 2nd part of the video “Value proposition is created with empathy”.

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