Communication is necessary for the progress of your project. Good communication starts with good content, but it is not enough. In this section you will learn why, and you will discover some tips to immediately improve your communication.

This card contains:


Communication – generalities & tips


Must read – Video

How to Persuade People - the 3 keys | Conor Neill | TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra

Conor Neill is a master of communication and presentation. He is very inspiring. His Youtube channel has lots of content that might catch your eye.

Must read – Blog post

Founder Superpower #13: Good Communication Skills | Matt Knee |

18 tips to improve your communication skills. Very practical, worth a read.

Must read – Book

Influence: Science and Practice | Robet Cialdini

Wonder why sometimes you say “yes” to a request, even against your will? This book will explain.

Decades of psychology research summed up in a book; tons of examples.

Bonus read – Blog pos

The Communication Process | Denis Geoghegan |

If you want to push your understanding of the communication process.


To be fully aware of the different flavours you can give to your communication, it is a good exercise to construct your speech with constraints.

Exercise guidelines

In this exercise, you will prepare 3 different marketing texts for your product/service/idea. The texts are intended for use during oral presentations or in a conversation, and not for being read aloud.

You now have 3 different communication angles for the same idea, and you can choose what you will use depending on the situation.