Everybody sells. It is about convincing someone to give you what you need. For your project, you need to understad the elements that will be convincing to your audience.

This section contains:


Selling your project - what is convincing


Must read – Blog post

7 best keys to convincing investors | Dave Devloper |

Short article. If you look past the “startup & investor” frame, you will recognize the “concrete” aspect of convincing communication.

Must read – Blog post

How to convince the client to buy | Ross Knap |

Despite its commercial target audience, this article gives a lot of hints about the mindset to “sell” any project.

Bonus read – Book

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs | Carmine Gallo

We also recommend this book in the section “How to Pitch”. It is that good.

Bonus read – Blog post

Everybody sells! Selling skills for project managers| Auteur | Project Management Institute

Selling skills are not just for salesman.


It is time to put what you have learned into practice. This exercise will help you make the jump to real-life.

Exercise guidelines

You will design a real-life test of your idea, and put it into actions. At this stage, you probably only have a concept, about which you will need to be convincing.

You have overcome the discomfort of bringing your idea from theory to real-life, and you now know more than before about your concept.